Monday, February 10, 2014


Every illegal alien that Congress turns into a citizen will compete head-to-head against blacks and other hispanics in this country for jobs. They will work longer, smarter, better and come back on time the next morning to do it all again. They will work for the current minimum wage and be more productive.  If you're an employer and you have a choice between the kids you see on youtube or the guy that spent a year as a migrant laborer working every hour of daylight at stoop labor picking crops in California and learning English, which one would you want working for you?

So why are ALL the Democrats rabidly in favor of a comprehensive immigration bill that gives amnesty to the current crop of illegal aliens and invites a tidal wave of new job seekers? I know why the politicians are since they see generations of voters who will always vote the Democrat ticket but why are the proletariat so rabidly in favor?

I notice that every time they think they're getting close to passing such a law, the popular news outlets are filled with stories about how satisfied every Mexican is with his/her life in Mexico and they wouldn't want to come to this crummy country anyway. Pravda ITAR Tass the democratic people's party's press offers reliable and innovative reports that the waves of economic migration are over.

It's funny. There is nothing these people won't believe. You can fool them all the time. 
Mexico before unchecked immigration resulted in the loss of significant territory to unwanted immigrants from the north


Buck said...

There is nothing these people won't believe. You can fool them all the time.

So Abe was wrong? No, wait. These are the "some of the people" he was talking about.

HMS Defiant said...

I'd sneak in here in a heartbeat and work my ass off to stay. I just don't understand the mindset of people that make a huge production out of sneaking and the huge majority of democrats who support unrestricted entry. This place had strictly controlled entry from the late 19th century up until just 3 decades ago.