Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I spend some minutes each day reading at a couple of websites run by authors who are willing to share a bit of the art with those interested in the craft of writing. I was drawn to the first one long ago and I have enjoyed being a subscriber at his place for many years. He is getting on in years but is still quite interesting and well connected and he writes what he means and believes what he says. I found the second one by accident one day and cannot recall the exact circumstances, but he is a unique individual with some stand-out beliefs that would have made any Jesuit happy and still be the despair of every nun on the planet. Both of them write about things I'm interested in and both of them have attracted the negative attention of many people who labor under the delusion that no man is free to speak his mind if it offends even the least.

Their detractors are actually pretty rabid and go out of their way to stamp on both of these men and those like them. They have been tossed overboard by the frenzied haters who despise them to death. Of course, from their perspective, and mine, they've been pitched off the Titanic-----at her last port of call. The increasingly deranged lunatics are underway on manic power. Destination, the nether reaches of publishing. The truly odd thing though is that this bunch of wreckers claims ownership of the broad reaches of the mental landscape but feel no tolerance at all for other world builders that do not suit their very narrow and parochial interests. The haters have become a cult...

Hell bent on their own dissolution and slow demise. I won't miss any of that bunch.

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