Monday, February 3, 2014


Potheads aren't stupid. The rear echelons in the war on drugs must be filled with amazement that having legalized the use of pot, they still have to criminalize the black market in pot because what kind of an idiot pays $167 per ounce in TAX to the state?

I can see all the states around the pot-legal states passing laws allowing the growth and export of marijuana but not its consumption since that's still against federal law. They may put a 10% tax on each weed transaction in order to get some money themselves and then watch out Colorado! You'll have bandits running weed from the North Dakota border all the way down to Rifle, Colorado.

Can't you see the Colorado law organs pulling over every vehicle at check points on every road and highway leading into Colorado to sniff the cars, one by one. Pretty soon they'll be tunneling into Colorado from New Mexico in order to get passed the border guards and drug detector dogs. They'll be searching every single aircraft and forcing all transiting aircraft to land and be searched so they can assure themselves that they aren't losing good revenue to people who would air drop pot in the great state of legal-weed.
Weed smugglers struggle in the mountains


Buck said...

I'd read about the contrived "shortage" pushing pot prices up to $400.00/oz and beyond. The price will come down once the first harvest is in, supposedly. But I'm thinking the market... in this case, growers... have radically underestimated the demand for their product. And then there's the state, which contributed to the shortage with their limits on how much product could be transferred from the medical to the recreational accounts.

The bottom line is I've delayed my Denver vacation until late Spring or early summer. ;-)

HMS Defiant said...

When I read things like this I think back to some wonderful lines spoken in Britain after the War. Brilliant lines tossed off by some of the most evil minds to survive the Bolshevik purges. Creating artificial shortages is something the most despicable people do to manipulate the dumbest and I'm convinced the dumbest are solidly in the majority.
I may be flying to Colorado later this year but I'll leave the same way I arrived, surrounded by a haze of smoke...of jetfuel.