Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I just upgraded the Operating System tonight and it seems to have taken hold just fine. The computer runs a little bit slower for now and I had to reverse the polarity of the mouse and Skype has dropped synch, but other than that, good to go. The next step will be to see how it works with the hardware lying around here that drove me to the extraordinary step of upgrading from a perfectly good but obsolete OS X version to the latest one.

It feels a little odd, to be truthful, to update the newer operating system while leaving Windows XP Pro running on the other laptop. If only I had a smidgeon of the trust I have in Apple for the folks that run Microsoft... Never going to happen. It was interesting though, talking to the family guru on computers tonight and learning that he'd shifted all 7 of the family Macbooks over to OS X 10.9.1 last month. It is nice when something so fiendishly complex works properly after it's installed. It would  have been nice if the idiots running the government's bizarre schemes had the good sense to turn to a crew that actually knows how to do that without using its customers as beta testers.

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