Monday, February 10, 2014


It is 19º outside at 1830 tonight and the snow is a foot deep with drifts up to 3 feet high and a man just came to my door which is set well back from the street. He was very determined to talk with me since he rang the doorbell not once but twice. He stood there shivering on my front step and wanted to talk to me about his group's cunning plan to ban the import of dangerous chemicals into Ohio that would be used to pump into the ground in order to increase oil production through such methods as fracking.

I was tempted to see how long I could engage him in conversation, standing there on the front porch but I was unfairly handicapped. I am painting all the trim downstairs that I have successfully put off painting since May and because I am the sloppiest painter in the world, I paint wearing nothing but shorts, T-shirt and boots.

Sadly, it would have been me frozen in my door. I wasn't up to it so I let him get away. I'm sure he walked off thinking I was some kind of high energy drug freak who burns BTUs like the space shuttle taking off. I think he's probably an idiot from California and one of the chemicals he wants to forbid is propane. I'm sure it's a dangerous chemical just like dihydrogen monoxide. A real killer.

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