Friday, March 25, 2016


Vermont has declared that they will know if their food is genetically modified. They will know it because they passed a law requiring food sellers to label all such modified foods and they will fine the companies if they try to sell good, wholesome, approved by the FDA, foods in Vermont. There is another label that companies could put on their genetically modified food products, Not Authorized For Sale in Vermont.

The article made much of how tiny Vermont with its population of 600,000 people had just made a national change to food labeling. Sure. Can you imagine what would happen if Coke decided to simply label its product, Not For Sale in Vermont and left it at that? I know, they'd lose market share to Pepsi in a minuscule market and then you'd see hordes of people smuggling Coke across the border, at night, in high speed cars, armed to the teeth to fight off revenuers and hijackers! It would be another colossal TV movie franchise featuring the mustache as a bandit.

I'm not on the board at Coke or any of the other true giants of industry, but that's how I'd vote. It is time to let people face the consequences of being shallow, stupid, moronic tools of the shadowy leftist global agenda to spurn America. And, the titans of industry could carefully explain to the Vermont authorities that they aren't going to pay any fines. They had nothing to do with all that stuff showing up in Vermont and perhaps Vermont needs to tighten up their border security and deal with the smugglers and traffickers and leave honest shrubbers alone.

Yet another modest proposal humbly submitted to the void.


Captain Steve said...

I like this. I recall that in my pre retired days I was sent to a conference in Burlington. The very first shopkeeper we talked to (my wife was there so shopping was the order of the day) rather than saying "Can I help you?" or somesuch, said "You're in a Blue state now" (apparently having noticed my Virginia license plates) followed by "Are you going to arrest me?" (apparently having noted my law enforcement belt buckle). My retorts were "I noticed" and "Have you done something wrong?", That night somebody stole the American Flag magnet off my car. They can play Walden all they want inside their little borders--but leave me alone, I say.

HMS Defiant said...

I transit every year now through Burlington and Bag End. I kind of enjoy visiting the shy folk that have no role in the wider world of Men. We drive through with a rental we hire at an outpost of MetroParkCentralis because, why wear out our own beasts when they're are beasts for hire to do the work at a fraction of the cost.

I am sufficiently my father's child that none of us put things on our cars. I had the various navy stickers that foolishly granted access to anyone driving the car to bases before the latest War on Terror! but we didn't gussy them up. None of us were Eagle Scouts, our Honor Rolls were marginal and we never thought our car was the smartest kid at school.

When I reached the age that I would play with the feeble minded, I didn't a 328I convertible to be hostage to the last surviving sperm and declined to replace the Grateful Dead decals on my old 86VW Bus. My thoughts turned to slapping stickers advocating Reagan, or Bush or Cheney on the cars of the Tibet should die free crowds car's.

Sadly, at that point, I was a fully mature adult life form despite what other people say!

HMS Defiant said...

Well, yeah, "there are"

OldAFSarge said...

Born and raised in southern Vermont, far from the socialist "paradise" of Burlington. Sad to say, the sickness has spread to where I grew up.

What has become of my home state grieves me.