Sunday, March 6, 2016


I have pigeon holes of infinite depth. Oh yeah, I know. I did my very best to kill the little coooeing shit storms with every erg of my being when I lived in Solana Beach when they lived in my classic orange roof tiles.

I can reread books I love again and again and enjoy watching movies over and over if I really enjoyed them. This one proved harder, at first, to rewatch. Worth it. Again and definitely again. I liked it all, including the first lobster. It reminds me of somebody in trouble and another lobster.

I was disappointed to read about the making of Singing in the Rain. Won't read that kind of thing again. When crafting and selling illusion, stick to the illusion. Way better that way for enjoying movies. I'm not sure why people want to know the greasy details. I never did.

That said, guys like Savile would have met the sharp end of a machete, purely for dramatic purpose.

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