Monday, March 7, 2016


I know, an awfully hard to swallow 'if'.

Remember the former head of the House named Tom Delay? Indicted in Texas by some hick democrat attorney?

Remember Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska who was savagely abused by JUSTICE DEPARTMENT lawyers claiming that they were enforcing the law?
The federal judge who decided the case, Emmet G. Sullivan, was appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton, but found the prosecution’s behavior so reprehensible he ultimately threw the case out in early 2009. The New York Times reported that Judge Sullivan, “speaking in a slow and deliberate manner that failed to conceal his anger, said that in 25 years on the bench, he had ‘never seen mishandling and misconduct like what I have seen’ by the Justice Department prosecutors who tried the Stevens case,” repeatedly refusing to turn over documents to the defense. “Again and again, both during and after the trial in this case, the government was caught making false representations and not meeting its discovery obligations,” he said.  
Judge Sullivan named a prominent Washington attorney to investigate six of the prosecutors and determine whether they should be criminally prosecuted. Special Counsel Henry F. Schuelke performed the investigation and issued a 514-page report which found that “Justice Department prosecutors never conducted a comprehensive review of evidence favorable to the Alaska Republican and failed to disclose to defense attorneys notes of witness interviews containing significant information.” Schuelke’s investigation involved examining over 128,000 pages of documents - indicating the mind-boggling depths prosecutors stooped to in order to try and convict Stevens, a horrendous abuse of taxpayers’ money. 
U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, who ruled against Morris in another case, has said about her, "This is a prosecutor who needs to be removed, and I would hope the attorney general utilizes the same test of integrity as he did in the Stevens case." 
Unfortunately, nothing happened to Morris
Nobody remembers of course. Same thing happened with Governor Perry of Texas. But consider, Obama's hand selected thugs are now running the Department of Justice and he is a real true blue socialist. Do you think he might decide to throw the Democratic nod to the other openly socialist candidate? I mean, in one light, he's a socialist, Bernie's a socialist and Hillary is something else.

Will Hillary ask for the blindfold and a final cigarette or just go out raging and cursing?

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