Sunday, March 20, 2016


"Where is the San Diego Art Museum," she asked.

Damned if I know. I mentioned that I had heard that the art at the Guggenheim or the LA Craft Center with Tar Pits was good but that I had, sadly, never been to either. She thought there must surely be a rival in San Diego to MetroParkCentralis and the Oval but I had to confess that the best we had for almost a decade was an exhibit of Torquemada's Implements of Torture and sadly, it had moved on. Gentle readers, she was not impressed with America's Finest City's Art. It's just not the same.

Art in Metro Park Centralis in yonder building

I mentioned the jet fighter that landed on water skis on display at Balboa but she demurred. Women are fickle.

I lived there for over 30 years. I visited the Louvre countless times, the Smithsonian, the Prado, any number of museums all over the world, every single building in Balboa and the Art? It escaped me. There was Images of Nature long ago next to John's Waffle Shop in La Jolla but it had its counterpart at Stapleton which had the same art but is long gone and she used to fly through Stapleton. I know, just birds, polar bears, penguins and giant mosquitos.

We were forced to confess that San Diego was artless.


Anonymous said...

Timken Museum. Balboa Park. Rembrandt. Saint Bartholomew. Nuff said. Otherwise a desert.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep. I found the Timken but if you lived in a place for 30 years and had hordes of relatives who work at the Smithsonian drop by and nobody ever once suggested a visit to the art museum it must be because San Diego is internationally famous for being an art desert.