Monday, March 7, 2016


Stepped into the clearing at the end of a very long path.

These Californians were somehow lightyears away from their counterparts I knew in the East. After I went there to live for 30 years, I found out why. They were so far from Hell and so close to Heaven. The difference between the tightly controlled hive minds of the eastern seaboard compared to people who can head off individually to Santa Monica, Malibu, the shore in Encinitas is not to be denied. They were like midwesterners. They were all way more likable....and nobody is actually from California.


Captain Steve said...

I had the opportunity to meet President and Mrs Reagen during the 1987 Economic Summit--which was hosted by Italy in Venice. I was the Task Force Commander for the Navy support force--which provided all of the transportation etc. Of course I rode the Presidential Boat (we had a whole flotilla of guard/support boats, an LSD, a helo squadron and a SEAL team too). Anyway--what a class act! The President introduced himself to the whole boat crew the first day--remembered their names through the whole (week plus) event, and had his picture taken with them before he left. Mrs Reagen did the same after she arrived--and after she arrived the President's schedule lightened up considerably! The man had a great sense of humor too. Example (one evening) President: "Captain (that was me) is it OK if I bring along a hitchhiker on this trip?" Me: "Of course Mr President", President:"Captain, This is Mrs Thatcher" Me: (gulp) "Welcome aboard Ma'am". President "Chuckle".

HMS Defiant said...

A friend of mine worked at the ET detailer shop at the Naval Annex back then. He used to actually get invited to the White House. Sometimes I'd call him and ask for some detailing help for my people and he'd say, "oh, I was just at the White House." I stopped by his office on the way back from the Middle East and they told me, he was out but back as soon as he got back from the White House. I was talking to my own detailer at the time but figured I'd see him since I was there and before heading down to the basement to the only branch of NFCU in DC at the time.

People told me Bill Clinton was personable, in person, but I never met the man and I don't really believe it. Say what you will about the two Bush Presidents, I respected both of them. Clintons and Obamas it wasn't about the party, it was about purity of the evil they brought to the table alongside the likes of Pelosi, Reid and the oleaginous Feinstein.I dealt with two of them at one point or another.

You think back to the non-federal officers of the Civil War. One of the reasons they did so well in politics after the War, is that they actually raised or led regiments in combat at an age that now leaves college students feeling defiled and abused if someone contradicts them.

We liked Reagan as CINC. I was driving from San Diego to San Francisco when Reagan's funeral was held and listened on the radio late at night as any number of callers told my radio host how it went earlier that day. I remember leaving the house and kind of regretting that I would not see the ceremony even as I drove through LA, for I had appointments to keep and hated driving through LA. The CO of RONALD REAGAN was there and I dealt with his successors arranging security for the ship as it returned again and again to remember and celebrate the President that won the Cold War. He liked Nancy and was prepared to do anything she asked.

You know, as I write that, I am struck by the memory. I have some of war and some of other things but there is nobody left to remember the decision to commit the Army Air Force to daylight bombing of Germany. I cannot imagine President Reagan doing anything else and a large part of the reason is because a woman like Nancy would not have sanctioned what Bomber Command did. The conscience of the king. By and large, not a Lena Dunham or a Miley Cyrus. The Quiet Warriors.

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.