Thursday, March 3, 2016


Some people say: "A U.N.-brokered ceasefire went into effect in Syria on Saturday and in order to monitor violations, the U.S. State Department set up a hotline. Only, the people manning the line don't actually appear to speak fluent Arabic."

I'm sure presidential democratic party nominee John Kerry thought they only needed to speak Syrian.
Dan Quayle was pretty sure they still needed Latin on account of, Crusaders....
Cheney accidentally shot the phone off the desk while reaching for a cocktail with his shotgun.

This little American wonders why the State Department has a hotline for Syrians but not one for American Ambassadors under immediate deadly attack by terrorists. Of course, as we get to know more about the clowns @State, one can hazard a guess that they have such a hotline but they staff it with morons who speak only broken English, and knock off at 1530 weekdays EST and don't work at all on weekends.

I know I do a disservice to the handful of State Department employees who do credible work under trying and difficult circumstances for some of the stupidest people on the planet in places you wouldn't go even to collect a billion dollar inheritance from your long lost great uncle Oba. But then, I never ran into any of those guys so I'm pretty sure they're something like chimeras or hypogriffs or your actual fire breathing dragon. Unreal.

...and to be honest, thought provoking and charming, you really should read The Ugly American. Nothing at all has changed since it was written in 1958 or when I found it on my father's bookshelf after he came back from the Vietnam War or when I ventured abroad myself on the Navy's business.

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