Thursday, March 17, 2016



We dropped in on the I Bar at NASNI today.  It hasn't changed a bit since the first time I went there.

October 1941 at Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) a Marine SBD-1 landed on Quarters #56
Would you believe the Marines fixed the plane and flew it home after this 'hard' landing?  The Navy repaired the building (BLDG 56) and use it today, 75 years later. The bar was full of popcorn, old old old aviators and a couple of young ones. The youngest was bleating about some milk but they wouldn't let the stroller in the bar.


Captain Steve said...

Obviously, Happy Hour had started. The rest follows.

HMS Defiant said...

All the courtyard-side tables pushed together and a squadron of old gentlemen aviators holding a reunion avec popcorn and beer with the youngsters (an actual no shit Ensign wearing a flight suit) at the bar and a mom outside the front asking if the bar has milk. I was thinking, come on ye White Russians but the bartender was saying, no.
I snapped the picture outside the actual bar by the ladies powder room. They have some good old photos.