Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This was a fun read at American Thinker.

Just How Bad a Candidate Will Hillary Be?
By Bruce Walker
I asked last March, "Just How Bad a Candidate Would Hillary Be?"  As Hillary locks up the Democrat nomination, the question is "Just How Bad a Candidate Will Hillary Be?" Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton may be the most pathetic presidential nominee of any major political party in our nation's history.  
First dispel the myth of her husband as a consummate politician.  Bill was a flop as governor of Arkansas and as president of the United States.  Bill managed to be the only Democrat in Arkansas state history to lose re-election as governor and won two presidential elections with a minority of the popular vote.  He entered the White House with huge Democrat majorities at every level of government and left with Democrats in the minority at every level of government.  
Bill Clinton was impeached, disbarred, and found in contempt of court while president, which was a worse record of determined malfeasance than any president in history.  As an ex-president, Clinton seems frail, dull, and testy – as evidenced most recently by his snapping angrily at a veteran in South Carolina asking about Hillary ending corruption in the Veterans Administration.
Do take a minute to read the entire piece over at American Thinker. It will depress you no end to realize that fully half the people in this country simply think they have no choice except to vote for her as President.

I tend to forget just how dismal that man was and is and yet he was supposedly the far more likable of the two Clintons. When you think of Obama's War Room do you wonder if the debates and shouting matches are anything like that seen in Downfall? There has to be some schmuck telling the President that the FBI is making a cast iron case against Clinton and he is then telling his Attorney General to kill it even if it takes killing all the FBI agents who did the investigating.

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