Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The Wall Street Journal headline this morning reads, Attack Highlights Belgian Failure To Roll Up Extremist Network
​Interviews and court documents related to last summer’s trial portray dozens of young people connected by a loose web of extended families and friends who live in the predominantly Muslim neighborhoods of the Belgian capital. A few key people served as recruiters there, enlisting these mostly young men to commit petty crimes as a way to finance the pipeline sending men from their neighborhoods to wage jihad in Syria.
Of course that's one of the stupidest articles I've read in the Wall Street Journal in some time. Did they totally fail to notice that Europe/Brussels just took in over a million jihadist muslim men of fighting age from all over Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and north Africa? What need is there for some petty local network of thieves when they imported their own destruction by the hundreds of thousand? They opened the doors wide to welcome their own killers, who, being without any marketable skills, are paid by the state to do nothing but plot how to kill as many people as possible in the name of islam, just like they were doing at home in Arabia and north Africa.

Dancing is forbidden and music is forbidden and yet still the observers see them writhe in righteous pleasure at killing and do not consider them insane. Of course, we're talking now about Europe which sees bathing in the blood of its enemies as good wholesome sport for the masses. Each time a demagogue steps up to the levers of social media power and tries to call for policy reform and demand attention be paid to the tribe, he is bundled into a prison as quickly as the State can move. So, there is nothing to worry about.

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