Thursday, March 31, 2016


It claims to be an Op Ed from the New York Times but since it is well written, pokes fun at the bastions of decivilization so dear to the hearts of New Yorkers, I suspect it's a trap!
But over recent years, Stanford administrators noticed that as the school rejected more and more comers, it received bigger and bigger donations, its endowment rising in tandem with its exclusivity, its luster a magnet for Silicon Valley lucre. 
In fact just 12 hours after the university’s rejection of all comers, an alumnus stepped forward with a financial gift prodigious enough for Stanford to begin construction on its long-planned Center for Social Justice, a first-ever collaboration of Renzo Piano and Santiago Calatrava, who also designed the pedestrian bridge that will connect it to the student napping meadows.
As undergrads, we had to nap in a swamp where I went to school. We were told we didn't deserve meadows.


Anne Bonney said...

April Fool!

HMS Defiant said...

Yeah but check my latest post featuring zombies! That was great. May be that the only reason I'll go to Rebekkas is to hang out for when Bill comes in for his haircut....