Wednesday, March 2, 2016


If only the American Teachurs Union and Gifted Islamic Bomber Carers could reach bakers and convince them that the dough was in the religion of peace and force them to don the proper clothes for baking for allah in order to blow themselves up for peace.

yep, it will take a government program of some sort.

sans safety goggles


  1. Unfortunately, we still do not appreciate what the problem truly is... Human history has very few examples of religions who were simply too evil for any civilized society to tolerate...But, there have been a few. When society finally accepts 1400 years of evidence of the evil that is Islam, we will either surrender or we will actually begin to fight. If society wins, then Islam will join that select group of religions.

    And the thing that makes that last sentence so sad is that I had to put the word "If" not "When" at the beginning.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. John Ringo wrote an interesting comment for his last series of books dealing with Zombies which called to mind all the allegations that were made about how we found North America so unsettled when Europeans first settled here. S.M Stirling described the effect in his book, Conquistador. Science has made enormous strides in the field of genetics and it's probably now only a matter of time before someone decides to design, build and release a nice selective virus.

  2. At least you know she is not concealing an explosive device about her person.