Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I am heir to a Model 75 Winchester 22 caliber target rifle. Like my brother and sisters and countless nephews I wanted it. It is my dad's but he gave it to me. First born son and all.... It's mine now.

It needs a bolt and a magazine. Both were removed a long time ago when my mother thought a squirrel or something insignificant like my little brother could be shot. I live in metroparkcentralis, he lives in Berkeley. I don't think it has that kind of range.

OTOH, I could get lucky. I tried that tonight. I wondered, butt plate, an M16 has 14 gallons of space in the butt, maybe, just maybe, the missing islanders are in there.


55 years old and I'd still like to bring this rifle to a range.

So, does anybody have a good source of economical bolts for a Model 75 / 94 Winchester?

30 years ago I would have asked Senior Chief Barton if he could turn one out for me. He could do it, but would he?

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