Sunday, March 20, 2016


The limits of power can be displayed by the people. If the bureaucrats can stonewall a Freedom of Information request for 23 years I'm pretty sure the sharp folks at Apple can find some sort of crawl space to hide in while the government searches for traitors and jews and sends them to death camps until they learn to break the unbreakable code they wrote to be unbreakable by anyone.

I don't really see them doing the crawl space thing since I'm almost certain Apple caved and gave away the farm even before they sold it to the gullible bridge buyers from Manhattan. As Snowden showed us, those guys have their hooks into every single thing. Courtesy of a suit at Apple, they have all they need to work on breaking into a cloudy database.

Of course, at this point, thanks to Clinton, it might be that the NSA no longer shares anything meaningful or real with the other branches of government or the other bureaucratic empires within the United States.  I think we have reached the point where only NSA analysts and CIA analysts read the reports written by either Agency and I'll bet 95% of them go unread by anybody because they write such miserable crappy prose.

If you could only read the cables that were classified beyond reason and sent from embassies all over the world you'd tear your own eyeballs out. (You can read them now at the NSA.) They define boring and pointless and useless. 12 paragraphs that shade towards the opinion that perhaps Gromyko liked olives with his salad with 53 pages of references and background.

If you do go to the Venona link it is amazing that a tiny aperture led to huge amounts of information and analysis. As you read about nobody caring about ANYBODY in the State Department giving a damn about security, it is worth wondering if once again, the real powers wanted the enemy to know that we know. Some people say that Reagan did this with 'revelations' about SDI, stealth, et al. From time to time, it makes sense to let the enemy know that you can see them and that their mask has visibly slipped. The overt discovery that the Walkers et al had been feeding the Soviets the true blue info on us may well have been the dominant reason why the Soviets didn't yield to the impulse to just "use it or lose it" and went out with a whimper and not a bang.

I cannot imagine a man such as Tim Cook with principles. He has none. As for the 'talent' at Apple, please.

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