Wednesday, March 23, 2016


My inbox was top-filled this morning with wonderful news and commentary from the most luminous stars of our little firmament. The top mail was this wonderment from the Speaker of the House. He is on a mission to raise the level of discourse in politics. I'm not sure if he is actually alive or if he is an unusually ignorant alien from another planet. His intent seems to be to tweak the partisanship out of politics because way too many people have finally figured out that all politicians are very cordially bipartisan and keep giving the house away to each other and their moneyed cronies who support them every time they run for political office. I'm not sure who he thinks he is talking to.

He isn't talking to people like me who have gotten so tired of voting for RINOs that we don't even bother anymore and he isn't talking to the kind of people that think political speech embraces blocking ALL traffic on major streets and highways for hours at a time. He isn't talking to the people who were slammed by the IRS for trying to form tax exempt political groups. He isn't talking to the people sick to death of crony capitalism and Solyndra and every other green policy blunder that costs the taxpayers trillions of dollars in direct and indirect costs as the war against the atmosphere goes on at ever increasing cost to working Americans.

He wasn't talking to the likes of David Brooks who is so trumped by the possible candidates running for the Republican nomination this year that once again he can only turn to the shining lights of the Democrats for comfort in his time of moral despair.

As usual, the Republic is sick and tired of compromise where every single time the compromise moves the country towards increasing Government and increasing and more intrusive Government control of every aspect of life. It's like compromising with evil. There is no compromise, one has just become a little more evil, that's all. Nothing to worry about except evil begets evil and now we have a society that turns to the police when some supporter dares to chalk the name of his candidate in public view.

How do you compromise with that world view?

Paul Ryan, Inspire and Unite 

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