Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I read about these columns in a book that was later disdained by its author. I always found it interesting that since antiquity, public buildings and temples always pictured the ones bearing the heaviest loads as the figures of women.

I find it sad that the Western World, left to its own liberal devices, would quickly treat these stones in the same way that al quada and ISIS treat the ancient stones they dislike. Where Monty Python used to sketch intolerance, nobody does that better now than a liberal university's liberal arts collective. You know, filthy rotten stones that they are....

Everyday I am blown away by the liberal mind of the post modern west. The juxtaposition of "What did War ever Do" bumper stickers next to "Free Tibet" stickers pretty much defines the class.


  1. Those sentiments are often spoken by the knee-jerk philosophers among us. And you can delete the words "knee" and "philosophers."

  2. I would not rebuild a pyramid but any of these places, oh yes.

  3. Caryatids. Antiquity's pin up girls. Yes, yes, I know better. Still....