Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Every time I see the paper it seems Obama has killed another ISIS leader. It makes one wonder, where do all these ISIS leaders come from? Are they like Taliban and al qaida leaders and thus immortal and unkillable? We sure do seem to spend 400,000 plane/drone hours killing each individual isolated leader. Could we not just napalm the lot of them?

If nukes and firebombs were good enough for Japanese and Germans, surely they'll work on ISIS.

I mean, why limit our kill to just leaders? If we wanted to do that, surely we have targets closer to home. Can you imagine how devastated we all would be if ISIS managed to kill our leader? I know I'd be deeply wounded and might even fall down. Srsly. I might cry.


Captain Steve said...

I'm sure you have noticed that "We" kill one of these "Leaders" immediately after something has happened in the world which is counter to the desired Obama message. Coincidence, I'm sure. One wonders who is in charge of keeping the list of "Leaders" who need killing on short notice? State? DOD? CIA?

dav343 said...

Amazing how many "leaders" Isis has, isn't it?

HMS Defiant said...

I've come around to the 30% theory of making an enemy go away and you don't get that to happen by killing off .0000000000000001% of them every other week.
It does make you wonder though if we have a new Tuesday Lunch Bunch with similar genius's selecting the targets. I also wonder how many of the 'leaders' we killed/attacked were on the CIA's payroll.

HMS Defiant said...

I was just reading that our 5000 troops in the non-war in Iraq have 21 generals looking out for them in country and that doesn't count the guys in ul Udeid or out the Battle Group. I remember working at Middle East Force when it was just the one admiral and then working at NAVCENT and still, it was just the one admiral forward with his deputy back in Tampa. I think there's probably 4 or 5 of them roaming around Bahrain these days not counting the Battle Groups.