Thursday, March 10, 2016


You know, as all men reach the ripe age of 15 or 16, they are easily diverted by practically any passing fancy. It's true! I've seen it! I went in search of a poem I was going to recycle on these climes and somehow was as easily diverted into youtube music as any young man is diverted by the passing of a cloud or a rainbow or a very short skirt.

It's not a music blog. It never has been. Strictly speaking, it's not a picture or a poetry blog, but sometimes....I make it is easy to wonder.

You do.


Captain Steve said...

Limeliters. Dear God, I had forgotten. Thanks--Recensio to my youth!

HMS Defiant said...

They weren't quite my times. To be honest, in 55 years, nobody alive has claimed this music. OTOH, I like the LL, not so much the KT. The BB never really ensonified for me and the Motown sound was good only so far as BuBa took it with Dionne. She fell out of favor as a worm diva in my time. how's that for cryptic?

Would it kill you to learn that I actually liked chanson and dominique?

Captain Steve said...

Nah. I must confess that I am actually a classical music person, mainly, with nods to CW. "Folk" music a'la Kingston Trio, LL, etc is still appealing. Anything featuring huge amplifiers with people prancing about the stage flinging their hair and screaming is noise--not music to me.