Tuesday, February 2, 2016

∃! x : P(x)

A poor and niggardly sense of humor is just a reminder that those least able to cope with reality are the ones most willing to expound about  how it done them wrong and demand satisfaction because they misheard the word or substituted the one they thought they read and then decided they'll be damned if they're going to tolerate that kind of cism.

Girls Spelling NIPPER at School Run Out of Pee -Get Suspended for Five Days
Words have specific meaning. Getting all upset because somebody misspelled your favorite euphemism is pathetic and defies reason. Right up there with Illinois Nazis, I despise naggers and humorless scolds.

Oh, and NAACP, that euphemism you're so fond of; it means exactly the same thing however you spell it. That's how language works in the real world. A moose painted to look like a mouse is still a moose.

Nota bene - next time girls, lose the **. They're never funny.

Fascists Gave the Nominees Asterisks at the Award Ceremony because Hate and Loathing Won the Day 

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