Monday, February 8, 2016


There will be a tragic outcome from the Clinton's last crime. The crime was as blatant and open as any of the other crimes but this time there is true criminal intent dripping from every oozing sore and the lapdog media that has a taste for Clinton gore has been unable to lap it all up and vanish it from the new media and the rest of the people.

Read the article at the American Spectator by McKay. It's insightful. It describes the nature of the downstream effects from letting Clinton go on or even drop out. With clear evidence that the President was involved in sending secrets to Hillary's private little hell of a server and email system, it now involves the White House.

It also involves any number of lesser lights of the democrat machine whose names appear as senders and receivers of hillary mail. Senders and receivers of highly classified government secrets who many think of as the rising generation of future leaders of the ancient and royal Democratic Party with its Ancien Regime tottering into the polls urging their fellow kleptocrats to vote communist or vote socialist.

Hillary isn't just taking down her own presidential ambitions, she is destroying the presidential ambitions and future political aspirations of dozens of party officials who thought they had a chance to be contenders! Literally scores of people are vulnerable to the same arguments that destroyed Hillary's credibility. They all broke faith with the country and can be expected to suffer for it. I wonder if Hillary has food tasters, suffers from severe indigestion and I wouldn't fly with her either.

I don't think Hillary will ever know who passes the cup to her

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