Thursday, February 4, 2016


It was driven home to me last night that Hillary or Bernie really could shoot a child in the street, eat a baby live on TV, torture prisoners to death, and still win the nomination hands down from people who not just think, but know, viscerally, that Rethuglicans are evil. They would still vote for Hillary even if she does get indicted for violating the Espionage Act. They don't care about that. Nothing the Soviets or Mao or Pol Pot or Hitler did has taken the bloom off all the goodness of Socialism.

I understand all the venal corrupt special interests, unions, bankers, hedge-fund managers, con artists and litterers getting behind the democrat no matter how awful because that's the best way to line their pockets with phony crony capitalist schemes like Solyndra and countless other green schemes that fleece the taxpayers and benefit the trust-fund crowd. I just don't understand democrats who won't get any benefit from destroying the country. I don't understand people who think that the total destruction of Argentina's and Venezuela's economies was a fluke and not the true outcome of every Socialist regime in history.

I don't think the people who vote democrat are evil. I wish I could say I didn't think they are the stupidest people in history, stupider even than those who backed Hitler when he was a progressive socialist looking out for the little guy.

srsly, Hillary could grab an assault rifle and mow down 47 school kids and her supporters and the media would point to the gun and shriek for more gun control while pointedly ignoring who pulled the trigger...kind of like they do now when.....oh, you know. How thoroughly depressing.


Anne Bonney said...

Thanks for clicking the frame into focus.
Depressing, true. Well stated.

HMS Defiant said...

Fear not! Am I not the most devoted follower of Dr. Pangloss!