Tuesday, February 23, 2016


This should be mandatory reading. It is essentially about the destruction of the rule of law in this country not just by the lawyers and litigants but by the actual Department of Justice and the Obama administration. Read it and weep for America.

The new President's Attorney General should fire every single appointee at Justice and send all the remaining legal staff to Kodiak Alaska for the duration of the next administration. They can shift their useless asses there or quit but its one or the other. These people are deliberately destroying this Republic.


Captain Steve said...

You think this is bad? Wait for the non-indictment of Hillary. I believe one must now start referring to the Department of "Justice".

HMS Defiant said...

True. The most troubling thing about that though is that it will make the FBI fantasists dreams come true as people decide to take justice into their own hands again. There is an interesting motif traveling the webs these days about justice. It's not here to protect 'us' it's here to protect the criminals from us.