Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I just listened as Obama declared that Article 3 courts could try all terrorists detained in Guantanamo except for a handful who would now be dealt with via the Military Commissions that they were all originally slated for but which was derailed because "unconstitutional screeched the justice league of evil."

I'm not sure how this will play out here in America.

Judge, "who are you?"

Terrorist, "a poor little boy kidnapped by terrorists and kept captive in an illegal prison offshore for many years of misery and constant terror and then illegally brought to this court to face charges for doing something that is perfectly legal in my country."

Judge, "tell me prosecutor about the illegal and extraordinary means used to snag the defendant and bring him to this point."

Prosecutor, "well your honor, it's all very classified and nobody at CIA is willing to talk about any of it."

Judge, "well this is no mockery of a court and I will not be mocked. Case Dismissed!"

Obviously, now that Obama has decided to give back Guantanamo as part of the deal he secretly negotiated all by himself with Castro, it has to be emptied out and made ready for the former owners and new tenants. All of this will take time. I estimate that the first trial in America won't start until 21 January 2017. At that point, it will all be a SEP, somebody else's problem.

Who didn't see this one coming?

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