Monday, September 15, 2014


Fire your new Minister of Defense and your Minister of the Interior.

I was just listening to National Public Radio and the wonk spokesman for our government said that firing Prince Bandar was the best thing you could have done and replacing him with a man who was seeking to turn Saudi intelligence into a professional organization was long overdue and that if there was any man who could help straighten out your ridiculous policies with regard to Syria it was your Minister of the Interior. That means just one thing considering American government policies with regard to long-standing rulers in the Middle East;

You are a dead man walking and so is every member of the house of Saud.

I'd say good riddance, which is probably what our Foreign Policy wonks, State Department officials and Department of Defense have said since we started killing off all the old rulers of the failed states of the Middle East, but losing people like you only makes things ineffably worse in the Middle East and for America. None of us like you. It goes beyond dislike. We recognize you as serious enemies of ours but I see who inevitably comes after men like you, when finally toppled, as infinitely worse enemies of the West.

Shoot your Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior. Don't exile them.

On the gripping hand, I'm not going to miss you if they hang you upside down from a lamp post in Taif or Riyadh. I'm not really one of the cookie pushers or fools in the NSC who discriminates between pure evil and true evil. As people in the West watch the evil people they now perceive as moderate muslim leaders fall to real pure evil, they'll reconsider some long standing policies about compromising with evil.

America doesn't need you anymore and this government couldn't care less about European or Japanese needs and after watching both of them shut down their nuclear plants, I'm pretty sure they're about to be pruned back too.

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