Friday, September 19, 2014


Now that Scotland has failed to vote its own self out of the UK, do you think English voters will be given a vote to kick them out? Turnabout is always fair play...except boys are never allowed to hit girls even if they hit you first.

Seriously, the only reason the English ever conquered the place was to keep from being invaded through the north every time a continental power offered the Scots money to distract the English from wars on the Continent. Fortunately, with no wars on the continent possible from now until the ending of the world, who needs to keep the good Scots down.

If the Scots get a vote on independence why don't the English?


Buck said...

If the Scots get a vote on independence why don't the English?

I heard that a LOT in the aftermath of the Scottish vote yesterday. Cameron's problems are only just beginning.

HMS Defiant said...

I found this today at Instapundit. I love the last two lines.

"EVER SINCE ITS BOGUS IRAQ-CASUALTIES REPORT, THE LANCET HAS BEEN A JOKE: Leading British medical journal refuses to retract open letter on Gaza written by authors concerned that “Jews control the media, politics and banking.” “What is new is that the Telegraph reports that two of the five authors of the open letter, Dr Swee Ang, an orthopedic surgeon, and Dr Manduca, a professor of genetics at the University of Genoa in Italy, sent emails to their contacts endorsing a raving anti-Semitic video from David Duke entitled ‘CNN, Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix.’”

UPDATE: From the comments: “Britain’s intellectual classes seem to have gone full-raving-fascist in their Jew-hatred. The Rotherham rape gang scandal shows that Britain is now getting the religious minority it deserves.”"

Their is something very wrong over there.