Saturday, September 20, 2014


In a stunning development yesterday, federal agents concerned with fences, nabbed an undocumented worker as he jumped the fence and sprinted into cover. The report from the fabulists at the AP reported that federal thugs chased the man into an open door while waving guns at him and screaming at nearby pedestrians.

Agent Johnny Rotten was quoted as saying, "we don't like their kind around here. He's lucky we didn't plug him full of holes and bury his body in the desert or feed him to sharks here in the river."*

In a unique departure from typical fence jumping incidents all along the border, an investigation is underway to determine which Republicans are too blame for the incident.

*I wanted to bring my news publication more into line with the vast majority of news organizations in the US, so I fired all my copy editors.

We blame Bush!


Ex Bootneck said...

Do I sense a hint of sarcasm laced with a trickle of irony in your post?

If an illegal immigrant tried the same trick at Buckingham Palace; one of our specialist immigration teams would have gently apprehended him, wrapped him in cotton wool, and provided him with a bank account - plus a non returnable deposit of £500. After-which he would have been ferried to private accommodation close to an ethnic community known to him, and provided with a UK Border Agency booklet on his rights - in accordance with the European Union's court of human rights in Strasbourg.

Personally I would much prefer to see a dancing Grenadier Guardsman skewer him with a bayonet. But until we pull out of the socialist European Union, I have to be content with seeing my taxes wasted on the same scum… Methinks it's time for a pot of tea, a toasted cheese sandwich, and a late peruse of The Times.

Ex Bootneck.

Buck said...

We blame Bush!


HMS Defiant said...

You better than most know the danger of being a 'predictable' sentry on post. Easy to time, game to defeat.