Thursday, September 25, 2014


It appears that Eric Holder will be leaving the Department of Justice. They say he's headed for New York. New York is standing by.

What is it with the tactical police? Somebody told them that trigger fingers must always be near the trigger but not on it. Why do they all insist on wearing those stupid helmets? If they must wear a helmet couldn't they color code them with pink for federal  agents and blue for local cops? Why do modern cops need machine guns? The Cleveland police put 119 holes in a car using pistols. If they can do it, you can do it. If they absolutely had to carry machine guns, couldn't they carry Thompsons? Seriously, do they need boots and bloused pantaloons?

I used to play in the sandbox with kids like this. Yes, you need a gun. No, you don't need a helmet, alice gear, a machine gun and a tutu. This is what happens to police when you hire former SEALs.


juvat said...

Pretty sure, no former SEAL would allow himself to get into the shape of the one on the right in the Pic. One to many stops at the donut shoppe I think.

HMS Defiant said...

Not really Juvat. There is something I call slippage. It happens to the best of the fit. Gravity wreaks it's toll on both men and women. That mighty chest of youth and brawn slides inexorably down. The mightier the chest, the further down.

I was not mocking any SEALs I know but simply pointing out that the Black water phenomenon spread to local law enforcement who bought into the beefcake is better approach to policing and styling with guns. I worked a long time as the natural USN opponent to SEAL warfare.

The "physical" is to hi-tech warfare like medieval castles were to cannons. Arrogance and a godly physique really don't amount to all that much against rocket propelled grenades or green on blue attacks. We had FLIR and could see them in the dark. We had TIS and they would shine in the dark. They're human.