Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Washington DC has to adjust to the "new" Constitution of the United States. It's a couple of hundred years old but then, Washington is a place out of time. Read this and weep.
Under the proposed legislation, guns would still be prohibited in sensitive locations including the Capitol grounds, government buildings, public transit and anywhere where alcohol is sold and served. Schools, universities and circumstances where protection of public officials, visiting dignitaries and demonstrators is paramount would also be considered sensitive places where guns are banned.
A large part of exercising one's second amendment right to carry a gun is to shoot lawmakers. It's a right dammit! Another part of our second amendment right to carry guns is to be safe from predators and why, when 1 in 5 women in a university get sexually assaulted, wouldn't we allow them to carry a weapon?

I'd wonder about how "sensitive places" crept into the language of the Constitution but I didn't see any penumbras either. What a strange place liberals live in where it is OK for them to have guns but illegal for you to have one.

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