Monday, September 29, 2014


It took some time and Obama managed to find shelter behind the dead corpse of his Attorney General far longer than I ever would have thought possible but at last, the corpse is so rotten it has to be abandoned and new cover from incoming fire must be sought. Holder came in with a bang and Victor Davis Hanson points out his many egregious acts of routinely rolling onto smoking grenades and taking the full force of the explosion for the democratic party and Obama.

People say he was even more polarizing and racist than Obama but I find that hard to believe. That he was petty and venal and the anti-justice is irrefutable but the lightworker is dedicated to destroying western civilization while Holder was merely interested in extracting whatever he could get from the system before it falls. In many ways he was similar to the old Roman emperors after the Sack of Rome who only endured based on the sufferance of the other Roman Emperor in Byzantium.

The speculators suggest that he stepped down to be groomed to take Ginsberg's place on the Supreme Court when she, inevitably, "retires." The other speculators prognosticate that she will be forced out by the old-white-men of the left who want Obama to appoint Holder as her replacement. They never use the term, "unexpected car accident that claims the life of Supreme Court Justice......" Given how many political lawyers have been sacrificed by the democrats over the years, if I was Ginsberg, you wouldn't catch me dead on the roads and byways of America.

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