Sunday, September 7, 2014


There are two videos that really need watching today. Both are posted at Maggie's Farm but I am taking the liberty of linking to them at you tube. One explains why modern art sucks

The second is a recorded speech in Switzerland. I don't really think people understand Europeans. 99% of Americans think that Europeans are as squishy as us but I don't. Oh no.

When the Germans tired of the Jews, they acted with dispatch. When the rest of Europe tired of the Germans and irredentism, they acted with dispatch. All of this happened yesterday. Hundreds of millions of people alive today remember the events of 1932 -1949.

It wasn't just Germans that practiced savagery beyond human understanding. Once the war was over and the countries of Europe had a chance to draw breath and determine that Germans were the problem, EVERY country in middle Europe expelled EVERY native German. There wasn't going to be another Sudatenland where some Chancellor of Germany could inform Europe that he was acting on behalf of the native German population!  NO! From 1945, the ONLY Germans would be found in Germany and Austria because every nation drove them all out at gunpoint.

You can get a tiny glimpse into the mindset of such people when you look at what is happening in Ukraine this very day. Stalin settled the western sphere of Russia's historic border with Russians and tried his best to exterminate the native Balts, Lats, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, White Russians and Ukrainians and now Putin is reaping that bitter harvest by supporting the "Russian" Ukrainians against the utterly corrupt and vile Ukrainian government.

I really think that the muslims in Europe think that the Europeans, [EUROPEANS!!!!!!] are too civilized to deal with them as they did the Jews and the Germans.

On the other hand, I could be wrong.


Buck said...

Both vids are interesting, as are the (limited, I thought there would be more) comments at Maggie's Farm. The comments at The Tube o' You on the Swiss parliamentarian's speech were vapid, for the most part... I only read a dozen or so before giving up.

Interesting times... interesting times.

Anne Bonney said...

This commentary on the rise of muslims in Europe is one of the most disturbing things that I have seen in a long time. The video on bad modern art - well, I don't know if all art needs to be beautiful, but the scales should fall from the eyes of those who encourage and celebrate outright trash. I don't think scatalogical themes are subjective.

HMS Defiant said...

I get an enormous kick out of people who claim that we change. If that were true we'd all be angels by now and Africa would have San Franciscos; but we know this isn't so. People with no knowledge of history get surprised every other generation by what it means when history repeats itself. It's why the War Colleges STILL teach Thucydides 2400 years after the events of his time and why Mahan and his 'row galleys' is still a primer on naval strategy....if not tactics.

HMS Defiant said...

If it's not going to be beautiful and requires some sort of social justice 'explanation' it isn't really timeless art which to me means that it is not really art. True art strokes the senses of viewers 10 or 30 generations removed from the artist. That one class in Art I took spoke a thousand volumes of meaning that crosses generations. One cannot accept that art is whatever the artist says it is. I know timeless when I see it and I know trash and junk when I see it. For some reason, art museums lost the knack for sorting the gold from the dross. I think I know why: it was because the museum crowd thirsted to 'know' edgy artists and scorned artists who can actually draw reality and shade it to suit a patron. The only patrons these days are foundations and they are in the hands of the 'modern' art schools who like rust, mold and mildew.