Monday, September 15, 2014


We watched Masterpiece Theater last night and saw a number of ads for Viking River Cruises. While it looks like fun I'm sure they've left out the part that made it so much fun for actual vikings.

Viking Shortish-Long-Ship Going Roving 
Little mention given to the opportunity to debark for a little looting and pillaging. The ads were all about cultural stuff no sane man would be interested in. I mean somebody has to pay for the gas burned by that outboard.


Buck said...

Didja watch The Roosevelts? I was impressed, but then again I wanted to be impressed. I like Ken Burns a lot.

Modern day Viking cruises leave a bit to be desired, eh?

HMS Defiant said...

Not yet. We don't watch anything in real time. We know a powerful wizard-of-tech in the City of 3 Rivers who records all and sends us what he thinks we would like to see. We also has the tubes....and as I observe the screen now, a wee problem with fruit flies dammit!!

I think many people have come around to the new tech and don't watch anything in real time anymore. It does make one wonder why advertisers pay to air their ads on TV and there was never any point in putting them on the internet.

Buck said...

The entire "Roosevelts" series is on-line at the PBS website. It's great good stuff.