Tuesday, April 2, 2013


As I reached this point I discovered that I had read a lot of Russian history and one thing struck me over and over again. There were a few brief moments in history when it was possible to leave Russia and the Soviet Union. An ordinary citizen could walk across the borders and get away clean if he didn't look back. Looking back as one flees the hells on earth has been a bad idea since biblical times. I wouldn't do it.

In Russia it was a death penalty offense to leave the State and severely punished. Occasional windows were let open for fleeting instants when Russians could get out and now is such a time. You could walk away and you and your descendants could survive in the West. Leave.

Oh, it's so easy to say that we here in the West don't have it any better and I'll argue that we do but more importantly we have the means and the ability to walk away from the State whenever we want to and move anywhere on the planet if we choose. Life under the Mongols sucked. Life under the Tsars sucked. Life under the Communists sucked and let's be honest, nothing I've seen of the Kleptocratic Totalitarian State is all that appealing or desirable. With Putin still running things and quickly reconstituting all the old anti-proletariat anti-serf controls it's passed time to begone.

The beauty of the West has always been its transcendent hold on its populations. Over here YOU can always get away. If you want to go to Hell on Earth you can even go there with our blessings. There are so many people that sincerely believe that Cuba is a paradise unfairly maligned by the US but then I see another State that forbids any of its people to leave. It would rather hold them in jails forever than allow them to go elsewhere. What sane regime does that?

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