Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Volcanoes are beautiful and majestic upwellings of frozen planet stuff. Yes, somebody left it out too long and it got all dried out but they are magnificent. I wouldn't live on a live one though. It is, after all, just a matter of time. I see the good folks of Korea living there on that volcanic slope known as the GSMA (Great Seoul Metropolitan Area) and I always consider that they live atop a volcano and wonder that they do for the fires that rage beneath are not those of an uncaring earth but rather the flames of madness, ambition and war made flesh in the form of the Tyrant of North Korea. Three generations of diseased fiends who rule a nation steeped in terror.

I object to the indoctrination efforts of the progressive leftists that run the education system from top to bottom in the US but they are a pale shadow of the progressive liberal indoctrination of the norK state. In my less temperate moments I concede that it is the goal and ambition of every progressive liberal in America to emulate the norK indoctrination machine and teach their message of gentle inclusion and diversity....with the same sort of penalties for doctrinal error on the part of the counterrevolutionaries.

When we listen to the talk and rumors of war--or the outright declarations of War ringing out from Pyongyang I think of the residents of Seoul. 99% Korean. 100% in artillery range of norK and in the sites of a regime that has shown an evil inclination to kill job lots of unbelievers for heresy and which has every kind of weapon of mass destruction ever made by man. Looking at the vast size of GSMA it might be easy to believe that even a heavy rain of high explosive won't lay waste to the entire town but then I don't believe for a second that it will be a heavy rain of explosives but rather the worst type of the most persistent chemical weapons known to mankind. I used to wonder how even the norK commissars would move the troops expeditiously through the GSMA enroute to Pusan so they could redo the War without the mistake of leaving any ports for the US to come back through. Well, if the GSMA glows in the dark and its touch kills instantly anybody who stops to loot, the rampaging armies of the Kim's won't be shopping after all.

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