Sunday, April 14, 2013


How are we going to get more of these
if people in San Francisco and the rest of the United States are forced to winnow through and remove all the trash from their trash before it goes to the rubbish pile? So San Franciscan of them; never thinking of the future and the rest of us.


Buck said...

About this in the SFO article:

Slattery is an assistant coordinator with the city's Department of Environment, and he heads San Francisco's first-of-its-kind trash monitoring and neighborhood outreach program.

I'd argue that point, since Berkeley had trash police when I lived there in 2000. The SFO trash police might be first-of-its-kind for SFO, but it ain't first in the country. The Berkeley trash cops could issue tickets and DID so, too.

That Copenhagen incinerator/ski run is just too damned cool.

HMS Defiant said...

I think they were actually starting the voluntary program when I lived in Emeryville back in 1997-1998. They've done it elsewhere I lived in Encinitas and San Diego but I heard that there was no money in recycling so it all ended up at the dump. It used to bug me that it proved cheaper in reality to go and buy a new computer for an old system than it would cost to upgrade an older one. It was like that with technology across the board. I can't even imagine what NASA paid to replace the space shuttle computers.