Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Whenever I want to hear some ignorant zealots pontificating about things they know absolutely nothing at all about, I listen to NPR.  One has to almost admire the purity of their indoctrination and the way they relentlessly stay on message. When they have occasion to discuss gun control they always line up 2 people each more rabidly in favor of gun control and arm themselves with talking points from the Brady campaign and then start outtwisting each other in their efforts to pillory any and all stupid ignorant clinging trolls who FAIL to understand that GUN CONTROL is only about keeping guns away from bad people.
I used to listen to them for the humor that was in it. Seriously, a long trip could go by in no time listening to Radio Pacifica interviewing the various guests all sincerely arguing the case that if we just killed all the cows we would reduce the global warming. Serious talking heads getting to the heart of the topic and laying bare the undeniable greed and inhumanity of the Tea Party.

Very progressive NPR liberals in a heated discussion about how bad school choice is and how very important it is that everybody understand that the 2nd Amendment doesn't really mean anything at all since they didn't vote for it either.
Look at the world as it really is. If you don't know how it really is, visit it from time to time.

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