Monday, April 22, 2013


As the Shield turned to the Storm I was sailing a Kettenburg 41 like this
from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas with a friend who was on  her way to Scotland via the Panama Canal. It was a long ten day effort with a couple of days in Magdalena Bay sewing up the main sail which had suffered a blowout just as we were a quarter mile out from the entrance to the bay leaving us with nothing to make it the rest of the way except the jib.
When we got to Cabo we headed for a hole in the wall now called Squid Roe and other nicer places where we met a number of young fishermen from Alaska way who spent most of the year sunning themselves down that way before heading back north to catch fish or crabs.
I thought of them when I saw this
putting out to sea to ready us for the norK ballistic missile threat. It keeps watch in the far north in mountainous seas but it idles in Pearl Harbor. I'd sign on the idling crew in a heartbeat. The Great North crew? Not so much.

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