Friday, April 19, 2013


These aren't in order yet. I have them all scanned now but still have to order them and type them up. I'm not sure if others prefer trying to puzzle them for themselves or read the transcriptions.

Pittsburgh Battle Grounds
April 17th 1862
Dear Parents
This morning I started out to hunt some paper to write a letter to you on as our teams have not come up yet and my paper is all back with them. While on my hunt I came onto the 15th Regiment regulars where I seen Russel Deacons and he gave me some paper to write, a place to write and pen and ink to write it with. He belongs to Company A 15th U.S. Regiment of regulars. I suppose you have heard that our division (Woods’) got here in time to chase the enemy but not far as they had too large a force to harass them much on there retreat. Colonel Wagoner is commanding the Brigade I am in which is the 21 Brigade. The 57th, 40th and 15th Ind. and 24th - Regiments compose the Brigade.
In my next letter I will give you some particulars of the battle and of some of the Union Co. boys but I cannot do so this time as I am attending to Sam Neayre? who is sick and will have to go back to ---. None of the boys in our Company was hurt in battle.
I am as well as usual. Please write soon. I received your letters of the 6th a day or too ago. Direct your letters to me in the 15th Regiment Indiana Volunteers, Co. I, Capt. Patterson commanding, Co Col. Wood commanding Regiment
Your affectionate son
Luther Beaver

Mr Beaver
Dear Sir
This morning I happened to meet with your son Luther. I find him in good health. I am well also. Please inform my connection in Liberty that I am in good health~ through his kindness I pen these few lines.
                                         Truly Yours,
Corporal N. R. Deacon
Co A, 1st Battalion 15th U. S. Infantry
Liberty comes up a lot in these letters for that is where they are all addressed: Liberty, Union County, Indiana.

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