Sunday, April 7, 2013


Maggie's Farm invited us to look at the train wreck of an idiot. So I did.

Here is a man, an editor at GQ magazine, who published his written confession in GQ that he is something else. A COMPLETE IDIOT.

From the Magazine with the Masthead "Look Sharp Live Smart" comes a man who claims that he has spent $638,412.97 on Gucci leather clothing..for himself.

Now what kind of idiot subscribes to or reads a magazine with a narcissist like that at the helm?

The urge to paste pictures of this idiot in this post are nearly overwhelming or I could provide a link so you could see for yourself. But I won't. I will do what I think is best in this kind of situation.
Oh OK, second best. I was going to post an image of Meg Ryan from the film but this works on a deeper level.

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