Thursday, April 11, 2013


Don't you love the champions of the poor? They are responsible for spreading misery on a planetary scale and never seem to realize it. They imagine that they are caring and  smart unlike the troglodytes on the other side and yet they do things that simply make one Despair.

Just like the idiots and marching morons of Heinlein and Kornbluth they never seem to realize that there is more to accomplishing a legislative feat to ease the handicaps of poor education and poverty then just passing a law. Heinlein's perennial favorite was the legislators who kept trying to enact a law making

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So now we will see those that do not smoke pay for the health care of those that do because of the fairness that's built into the system by the inherent rights of others to your money and your children's money and their children's money. I don't mind people smoking as long as they do it downwind from me but don't these idiots realize that spreading the cost of the few self indulgent losers drives up the costs for the many? And doing this after making participation in the scheme mandatory for all? At least these thieves go to jail sometimes when they're caught. In case the link fails and we have to keep that in mind since it links to an AP story, it's about the staff of the Louvre going on holiday because of all the pickpockets overrunning the Louvre. 

There are others today who wonder if the decision to make all Americans pay higher premiums for smokers so that they aren't singled out to pay more might not just be part of a larger plan to drive private health insurance under. One would have to be a real conspiracy theorist to believe something that insane.  

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