Thursday, August 7, 2014


Whenever I read these stories I am always struck by the basic underlying humanity and civilization of the landlords. There is the easiest way in the world to rid yourself of troublesome tenants. SWAT teams do it all the time when they smash into an innocent home, shoot the dogs, hogtie the residents, leave the premises open to vandals as they haul the accused off to jail. Innocent people who were shorn by the police because somebody gave them the power.

I'm not joking or fooling this time. I really do admire the civilized forbearance of long suffering landlords who don't just have a friend pick up the phone and dial 911 to report a murder rape, or even worse, a drug growing scheme in the rental property. SWAT would blow them out of there so fast it would hurt, and given our SWAT preferences, the renter would be dead or seriously wounded because, lacking any comprehension that they had committed a crime, they'd be most likely to protest long loud and hard up until a scared cop shot them 233 times, just to be safe.

I suspect that the owners are going to figure this out very soon.

Renters might think about just arming themselves. You're going to die in the 'crossfire' or 'mistaken' shooting so you might as well try to run the table on the bad guys. They'll kill you without hesitation or a moment for grace.


Anonymous said...

I get the point you are making but the post screams intollerance, ignorance, and hate for your fellow man.

HMS Defiant said...

I prefer to think it reflects an intense dissatisfaction with the way this legal society allows any lawman with a gun the right to kill innocent people and get away with it. It is also a reflection of my profound distaste for the idea that a man can buy a building for $10 million and be forced to retain a princess tenant at $390/month rent forever because of something as foul as rent control. That is taking property by force without compensation.