Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I'm sure all sane Americans are disgusted with the utter dishonesty and lack of transparency in our Executive branch (IRS, DOJ, DOS) and all of the Agencies under it. I have devised a modest proposal to improve the public's visibility into what should be an open process of democratic government. It's really very simple.

Every single computer, blackberry, unclassified C4I system that is procured with federal dollars must include, in the operating system an utterly iron clad application that automatically copies every single email sent by that computer to any recipient, to a series of master repositories that won't just file them away. There will be NO exceptions. This includes law enforcement because they are far and away the most egregious bunch of evidence destroyers. (Most Executive Branch agencies now have their own SWAT and armed law enforcement agents.)

Those emails, all of them, will be subject to data mining by us. It will be as easy to search the email files as it is for google to search the world wide web or alta vista the higher web. The NSA can dive in too if they want but in the meantime, any person can look at any unclassified email that ever originates on a government procured machine.


Anne Bonney said...

That would be the Swift solution.

HMS Defiant said...

Record retention is something mandated by law. If the executive branch doesn't feel bound by law, why should any American feel so entwined? You know, as I read about the horrible crimes the council government and police perpetrated on little girls in south Yorkshire, Swift's point is bolded, underlined, and purpled. Those politicians and appointees had zero regard for the girls because they were just poor little guttersnipes and so let's not rock the boat. What if the British and the people of Yorkshire could see the email correspondence as all turned a blind eye: This was not the start of it, it came a little before this but this has links to many of the stories:

Buck said... it is for google to search the world wide web or alta vista the higher web.

Heh. I see what ya did there.

HMS Defiant said...

The search tool used on the higher net in the olden days couldn't have been more aptly named.