Friday, August 15, 2014


From The American Thinker, the last paragraph.
One result of this K-12 conspiracy is that the least appropriate people, obsessed with the least helpful ideas, educationally speaking, migrated to education.  These were people who valued education not for its own sake, but for social schemes they had in mind.  Whether a kid can read, do arithmetic, or knows very much is not a primary concern for these people.
The people who tinker with education always talk about making changes that will take effect and make things better in a mere five or six years. It's hard to take such people seriously. The process they are messing about with is the oldest respectable profession. Every possible kind of instruction has been tried in the past. Teaching is not rocket science, but it leads to rocket science.  Teaching has moved from clay tablets to slates to paper and computers. Along the way it has incorporated extraneous teaching aids such as film, televisions and even computers.

It was kind of interesting to see that teachers understand that up until third grade the effort is on teaching children to read and after that the effort is to get them to learn by reading.

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