Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It's unbelievably callous and brutal. After all, how many Vietnamese Iraqis voted for them?

Make no mistake. The people now in charge ALL voted for the War in Iraq. 99% of them voted to support the war and then, they walked away. Maliki deserves most of the blame but the truth is, he merely made it easy for this government to leave them to the death squads.

One thing one might say, if one is a democrat, at least the NVA ran "re-education" camps and didn't just throw them all, bound, into a ditch and machine gun them. That is the fate of all non-Sunni and all the people that ever supported the United States in Iraq. They all know it. I like to think that they all knew it and got out years ago to leave Iraq to the fate it deserves. I live a rich life of fantasy and imagination.

At this point, I think Spengler has it right. This is the beginning of a new 30 Years War....and Richelieu? We don't have one. We had Hillary, Jarret and Kerry.  If you have the time, read the vileness of the comments at the link. They are profoundly illuminating.

Oddly enough, our own State Department saw this coming back in 1996. Their low level officers were happy to point to the demotragic blip that was going to doom the Middle East islamic world to senescence and destruction right around 2007. The arab rulers had rafts of money at the top from the oil and they had a bazillion males who would reach military age in 10 years WITH NEVER EVEN A HINT AT A REAL JOB. What else are they going to do? I'll give that one to the Consular Service as it existed back in the mid-90's. They recognized a demographic tragedy in the making when they saw one. It was the entire arab world so it would have been hard to miss.

Saudi Arabia is next....after Jordan. My advice to Mobarek was to fly away! My advice to the Hashemite Jordanian ruling away. 60% of your population is Palestinian and all the pillars of Middle East rule have fallen except Saudi Arabia and it won't survive the haj. Take your children and go; while the going is good.

When you think about biological warfare, think of people devoted to the downfall of the House of Saud who control the flow of visas for the haj in places where Boko Haram and ebola run rampant and imagine what happens if the plague makes it to Jeddah and Mecca. Inshallah is not going to cover it.

I worked with the true believers in Kuwait after ODS. They were not by any Western definition, sane. At this point, if they survived, they are running the Kuwait Navy and Coast Guard. Their Army Special Forces were my support for several months and they embodied inshallah. The Sabah's would do well to leave; like they did the last time.

I'm not actually, all that worried about the rampant caliphate. Europe is going to have a cow.

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