Thursday, August 28, 2014


Wouldn't it be amusing if it turns out Kiev didn't turn over all the Soviet era nuclear weapons in their territory after the anti-anschluss? It's kind of bold the way Vladimir is staking everything on a rather charming belief in the naivety of the people the Soviet Union destroyed with the Holodomor. I think the Ukrainians held onto a couple of dozen atomic weapons because, why not? 

You know, when you think about smuggling an atomic weapon into Moscow, the sky is not the limit. You could send it on a train, or a truck, or a car, or a donkey.

I've failed to see Mr. Jon Carry trying to negotiate any kind of a deal between Putin and Kiev but, it's not too far outside the bounds of reason to see somebody putting a little nuke on his plane should he try Kissinger's famous shuttle diplomacy and seek to bring peace to the Crimean Khanate and the Prince of Moscow. Kerry and this lot of boobs would be just the clueless donkeys to carry nukes to Moscow without ever knowing.

If I was Putin, Air Force 3 would never be allowed to fly over Soviet territory.

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