Saturday, August 30, 2014


It looks like a couple of people have decided that the world's missing heat is hiding in the deep Atlantic where it is lurking under a bushel or something slightly scarier. At any rate, it's just a matter of days now before we'll be buried again under a rain of misery and screams of outright terror as the ignorant followers of the Global Warming Permanent Crisis get reminded of the ocean bottom clathrates that will melt and KILL US ALL!!!!!

So we have that too look forward to. I guess were going to be forced to pave the bottom of the oceans. Just to be safe.

UPDATE: WORLD TURNING INTO ICE!!!!  Well, who are you going to believe, Gore, or your lying satellites taking pictures of the polar ice cap from orbit?

I'm waiting for Gore and the Cult of Warm scammers to start mentioning swarms of Piranha bees or Giant mutant star goats. As I recall, they have already leaped aboard the Ebola train by blaming global warming for its increasing spread.

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