Friday, August 8, 2014


I'm as outraged as any right thinking person about the suspiciously wiped hard drives but I do know how it really works in US government service. Your provider gives you the latest hi-end computer with 500 gigabytes of hard drive and applications of enormous power.

Then, the self-same providers decides to ease their job by limiting you to just 2.5 gigabytes of storage on that enormous hard drive and limit your Outlook mail to just 250 megabytes of online storage and FORCES you to delete mails in your inbox and sent mail folders if you want/need to be able to even SEND new mail or open and read new incoming mail.

The terrible thing is though, pretty much all digital data that any government employee gets is retained on the servers and thus, always there, if the IT people perform their legal responsibilities.

When was the first time you ever heard of one of the nerd herd going to jail because he failed to carry out the legal mandates outlined under the government laws that not even the government is going to ever abide by? "Uh?  Your bossiness?  I need umpteen million $ to buy terabytes of storage to keep all the crap you losers send each other....."

Just for instance? Ask any Representative to pull up an email from a constituent sent back in 1999 and  his response to it. Oh sure, the response part would be easy. Crickets. You could try again with a similar email from 2010 or 2014.

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